Monday Men           Aggregate  Dan Sherrard
 A Section  Kris Meadows     
 B Section  John Stayko
Tuesday Ladies  Aggregate  Jean Vinkler
 A Section  Jean Vinkler
 B Section  Judy Roberts
Tuesday Open  Aggregate  Graeme Byer
 A Section  Graeme Byer
 B Section  Evan Ivla
Wednesday Mixed   Aggregate  Geoff Coombs
 A Section  Geoff Coombs 
B Section  Sharlene Lantz
Thursday Men   Aggregate  Kris Meadows
 A Section  Rick McKague
 B Section  Rob McKague
 C Section  Darrel Tomlinson 
 D Section  Lionel Chartrand

Friday Sr. Open

1st 1/2 

 Aggregate  Jack Hassan

Friday Sr. Open

2nd 1/2 

 Aggregate  Rod MacIsaac



 Aggregate  Rick McKague
 A Section  Roland Nolette
 B Section  Joe Dilabio

 C Section


 Dianne Todd



Saturday Open


 Aggregate  Peggy Ward

Saturday Open


 Aggregate  Matt Bates 
Sunday Open         Aggregate  Adam Mandryk
 B Section  Adam Mandryk      
 B Section  Jim Eisen  

Men`s Draw          Ladies Draw 

Mixed Draw          Open Draw 


City Championships will take place at the Ellerslie Curling Club April 7-12, 2017.  

The draws for the event can be viewed on the NEW Edmonton & Area Curling Club Website.


Dan Sherrard Team wins Men`s club championship 

Mens Club Champ

Dan Sherrard, Brandon Klassen, Scott McClements, Todd Kaasten, and Cody Brown (missing)

Tiffany Game Team wins Ladies club championship

Ladies Club Champ

2017 Ladies Champions! Tiffany Game, Sheri Fediuk, Loralee Robertson, and Kathy Pritchard.

Jeff Coombs Team wins Mixed club championship 

Mixed Club Champ

2017 Mixed Club Champions! Congratulations to Geoff Coombs, Val Kamitomo, Lorne, Reed, and Trish Manns

Reg Reinhardt Team wins Open club championship 

Open Club Champ

Reinhardt, Mike Chartrand, Kristen Reinhardt, Sam Melin, and Nicole Reinhardt.