Monday Men          
Aggregate Dan Sherrard
 A Section Rick McKague     
 B Section  Tim Harris
Tuesday Ladies
 Aggregate Tiffany Game
 A Section Tiffany Game
 B Section Tracy Peay
Tuesday Open
 Aggregate Dennis Goodhelpsen
 A Section Norm Aust
 B Section Mike Klapwyk
Wednesday Mixed  
Aggregate Geoff Coombs
A Section Jill Carlson 
B Section Gary Stubbard
Thursday Men 
 AggregateKris Meadows
 A Section Kevin Gunderson
 B Section Darrel Tomlinson
 C Section Lionel Chartrand  
 D Section Brenden Ewchuk
Friday Sr. Open 1st 1/2   
Aggregate Ralph Bjerke
Friday Sr. Open 2nd 1/2 
 Aggregate Ralph Bjerke
Friday    Mixed      
Aggregate Rick McKague
A SectionDale Briske
B SectionGeorge Parsons
C Section  
D Section
Riley Ross  
Brian Larson
Saturday Open 4:30  
AggregateSteven Meadows
Saturday Open 7:00 
 Aggregate Greg Lintz
Sunday Open
 Aggregate Dave McKague
 B Section Dave Mckague     
 B Section Gary Lunghamer

Dan Sherrard Team wins Men`s club championship 

Dan Sherrard, Brandon Klassen, Todd Kaasten, Cody Brown, Scott McClements, and Tom Girvan

Candace Read Team wins Ladies club championship

Candace Read, Laura Saydak, Dee Matishak, Laura Murphy, and Mallory Sherrard

Jill Carlson Team wins Mixed club championship 

Dan Sherrard, Mallory Sherrard, Chris Carlson, Jill Carlson, Sephanie Coderre, and TJ Lipsett

Steven Meadows Team wins Open club championship 

Steven Meadows, Christine Meadows, Tom Appelman, and Irena Appelman,