Monday Men          
Aggregate Mark Johnson
 A Section  Dan Sherrard     
 B Section  Aaron Auger
Tuesday Ladies
 Aggregate Tiffany Game
 A Section Tiffany Game
 B Section Jennifer Van Weiren
Tuesday Open
 Aggregate Kellie Stiksma
 A Section Kellie Stiksma
 B Section Mike Klapwyk
Wednesday Mixed  
Aggregate Jill Carson
A Section Jill Carlson 
B Section Lisa World
Thursday Men 
 Aggregate Kris Meadows
 A Section Kris Meadows
 B Section Brad Mellors
 C Section Norm Cowley
 D Section Clarence Cheung
Friday Sr. Open 1st 1/2   
Aggregate Raye Sivertson
Friday Sr. Open 2nd 1/2 
 Aggregate Ralph Bjerke
Friday    Mixed      
AggregateGeorge Parsons
A SectionVincent Futoransky
B SectionRick McKague
C Section  
D Section
Jesse Kettles  
Donna Yoder
Saturday Open 4:30  
AggregateTiffany Game
Saturday Open 7:00 
 Aggregate Greg Lintz
Sunday Open
 Aggregate Dave McKague
 B Section Dave McKague  
 B Section Brendan Berg

The 2019-2020 Season did not declare Club Champions due to COVID-19.

The Championship may be finished to declare champions during the 2020-2021 season.